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Archive for March, 2011

Brompton: The Sex Pistols of Folding Bikes

Brompton is the Rolex watch of folding bikes; the VW Beetle of folding bikes; the McDonald’s hamburger of folding bikes; the Marlborough cigarette of folding bikes…the iconic folding bike.

Back on the horse that throwed me

After two days of using that boat to get around, I can truly say, I really like riding a bike.

Ohm Electric Sport Bicycle in the Spring Snow

Last week I was getting familiar with an Ohm Electric Sport Bicycle. As Ted mentioned over at a part of bike commuting often involves finding efficient short cuts. While a light weight/skinny tire commuter bike may be more efficient on smooth roads, in many areas a more off-road capable commuter will end up getting […]

Two things I’d never want: a Huffy or a Stalker

Is there a creepier model name for any mass-produced bike?

Carrying Your Stuff: Cargo Bicycles

There is more than one way to skin a cat just like there is more than one way to transport such unfortunate cats or other things on your bicycle. To be exact, there are three widely used, reliable ways to carry stuff on you bicycle. We’ve looked at carrying stuff by bike in Bicycling Bags […]

Review: Timbuk2 Shift Messenger

I don’t yet know if the Shift Pannier Messenger is the bag to meet all my biking needs but it certainly covers a lot of ground.