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Schwinn’s Enlightened ‘Vestige’ Bike

The frame of the Schwinn Vestige is made with flax fiber–which I think is the same stuff my doctor wants me to sprinkle on my breakfast cereal for reasons I won’t go into right now.

Employee Profile: Megan Fitch

I’ve decided to start doing some quick profiles of the people around Bike Shop Hub.I thought I would start with our accountant, customer service, writer and all-arounder Megan Fitch. Megan is a good person to start with given all the recent adventures she’s been on with her daughter Neva. She just got back from a […]

Bicycle Hymn of the Republicans

Since posting my parts 1 and 2 of my experiences visiting my elected representatives, a few people have asked, once again, why cycling is perceived as a partisan issue.

Leon Mccarron – The Cycling Reporter – Completes 14,000 Mile Adventure

Leon Mccarron completed his epic tour on March 5th in Honk Kong having ridden 14,000 miles from New York. Leon is a film maker who decided to set out on this bicycle tour with the goal of plenty of video and film along the way. The tagline of his voyage “1 rule – I can’t […]

Floating Parking & Bike Buffer Zones

Floating Parking & Bike Buffer Zones

NACTO & Cities for Cycling: Big Cities, Fancy Guide, Simple Idea

The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) has been around for fifteen years and is currently comprised of fifteen of America’s largest cities. DC, NYC, Chicago, Boston, Portland and San Francisco are member cities, to name a few.

The Lazy Randonneur Offers Up Some Good Arguments For Casual Dress on the Bike

I enjoyed this post today by the Lazy Randonneur, Why dont I dress up like a trafficcone?While I strongly agree with the sentiments to not dress up like a techno clown, I would argue that visibility is still quite an important thing to consider. I like to achieve visibility through bright front and rear lights […]

The Accidental Advocate – Part 2

Kristi and I make ten visits to congressional offices, a mixture of scheduled meetings with staff, and unscheduled flybys where we merely drop off a thin information packet.

Farfarer Handbuilt Bike Trailers and Racks

Quentin of Farfarer Bicycle Trailers and Racks recently wrote in to tell us about his interesting line up of handbuilt bicycle trailers and racks. I asked Quentin to to tell us a little about his inspiration for getting started with his bike trailer designs. Here is his story about the inspiration that lead to his […]

The Inside Scoop on Programming at the Bike Shop Hub

Our programmer, Frank Koenen, got the blogging bug last week and decided to publish his first blog post, describing his work here over the past 18 months at the Bike Shop Hub. The post entitled “18 Months With Wandertec, This is What I Do” really resonated with me as I’d been there with Frank every […]