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The Bicycle is the Answer. What was the Question?

Yes, after the National Bike Summit, Ted and I did solve all the world’s problems over burritos. The answer is: The Bicycle

Kahlkoff E-Bike and the BONGO Bike Trailer

We recently received an electric bike from Kahlkoff USA for use in an upcoming blogging project at Commute By Bike. Getting going with the project I’ve been going through the paces getting to know all of the ebikes on my daily bike commute.In this photo from last week, I hooked up a Large Wandertec BONGO […]

‘Riding a bike can help to boost your bowels’ (Roundup)

What? A crude American being more subtle than a Brit blogger? It won’t happen again.

Stair Railing Installation

Yesterday Stu, Robin, Robert and Ted got to flex their muscles and install the railing for the staircase up to our showroom. To get everything lined up for installation, they had to carry the massive unit out the big garage door and then walk it back down the small door up the isle. Fortunately, we’re […]

Moving Beyond the Automobile: Bus Rapid Transit

Moving Beyond the Automobile: Bus Rapid Transit

Pedal Powered Skiing

When the weather is just right, Brian Mohr and Emily Johnson of Vermont use BOB trailers to combine cycling with skiing.