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DZR Clip-In Sneaker Review

David Herbold is a long-time fixture at the raucous community that is DrunkCylist.com (known there simply as Gnome). When he is not moderating the mayhem, you’ll find Dave decompressing on epic all-day mountain bike voyages that take him all over Northern Arizona. Dave’s experiences as a bicycle racer, mechanic and all-around cycling enthusiast shine through […]

Interview: Eric Estlund of Winter Bicycles – NAHBS 2011

Eric Estlund of Winter Bicycles was kind enough to give us a second take on our interview after we botched the recording on the first go around. This was certainly worthwhile as Eric’s insightful considerations of the bike commuting related topics covered were that much sharper the second time around. Bike commuting means very different […]

The Accidental Advocate – Part 1

It’s dawning on me that the Arizona delegation is likely going to be only myself, and the delegate from Bedrock City. And she is too short for me to hide behind.

Getting Started With Family Cycling

The following piece is the second post by Kathleen McDade. Kathleen usually blogs over at Techno Earth Mama, but given her expertise in family cycling, she is writing a few posts for Utility Cycling on the topic. Check out her first post here: 8 Reasons to Bike Commute with Your Kids. We look forward to […]

Portraits of South African Bike Commuters

Photographer Stan Engelbrecht, 35, and Nic Grobler, 31 cycle around South Africa. They strike up conversations with fellow cyclists they meet, and they take photos. These photos and conversations are the foundation of Bicycle Portraits, a book they are self-publishing.

Interview: Wade Beauchamp of Vulture Cycles – NAHBS 2011

You jump on your bike, go to the bar, go to the store, go to the grocery store, go to your friends house. But you know we’re working on trying to make it so that bike can be specific too. Park your mountain bike, get on your commuter bike and go do your life.

Wheels of Change: A Review

Wheels of Change, published by National Geographic, is appropriate for younger audiences and is very readable, but it is packed with enough interesting information to hold the attention of an adult female cyclist who has done her fair share of reading cycling-related literature.

Tips for Riding in the Rain

Tips for Riding in the Rain

Interview: Sam Whittingham of Naked Bicycles – Winner of NAHBS ‘People’s Choice’

Whittingham figures out how to keep customers on their bikes for many years after they roll away from his shop. He considers his advocacy work is getting his customers to use their bikes everyday “with a smile on their face.”

‘Should I try commuting again?’

I’m thinking about trying commuting again. I would likely avoid the kind of accident I had. I would like some advice about what kind of equipment works for people and what the best accident avoidance strategies are.