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Chariot Cougar With Gepida E-Bikes

by Josh Lipton

A reader recently sent in this photo with her Chariot Cougar 1. We were interested to hear that they were pulling this bike child trailer with an electric bike. Here at the Bike Shop Hub, we are about to add in a lineup of electric bikes into the mix of what we do and our very excited by their applications for family cycling.

Here’s a photo of us trying out a Chariot Cougar 1, being pulled by a Yamaha powered Gepida e-bike. We had great fun zooming past everyone else, even with a trailer. They must have thought we had bionic legs! 

BOB Trailer x 2

2 Responses to “Chariot Cougar With Gepida E-Bikes”

  1. bikes says:

    Hmm. Electric Bikes .. isn’t that a kick between the legs for those trying on the eco-hat?

  2. Josh says:

    @bikes – Sounds like you are bitter about something. Not quite sure what about though. Might you elaborate…

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