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Moving Beyond the Automobile: Road Diet

Road Diet

Bike Parking at NAU

I rode into work with my wife last week. It was nice to see that they had decent bike parking facilities for the employees at her new job at NAU’s extended campuses building.

Makezine: Live Bicycle Special on 4/13/2011

Makezine will have a live bicycle special tomorrow, 9 PM EDT/6PM PDT, 4/13/2011, and it will be available here on Commute by Bike.

Vaude Silk Road Plus Rack-Top Bag

I’ve had this Vaude Silk Road Plus Rack-Top Bag for several months, and has totally become my manbag. Clearly I’m not the guy you want to put in the spotlight to make cycling chic.

Steve Butcher Commutes by Bike

My bike is an old Schwinn Super LeTour 12.2 that I have modified for commuting. The commute to my office is three miles one way on rural roads.

The Monowalker Cycling/Walking Trailer

A while back, Kai Fuchs of Monowalker contacted us about his new product to see if we would like to publish it on our website. Well a year later, I’m finally getting around to posting something up about this interesting direction for bike trailers. I’m not actually sure if I should call this a bike […]

Bike Share: There’s an App For That

As bike share programs continue to pop up around the world, so does more technology aimed at tracking and exploring these programs. But, given that the definition of bike share seems to vary by person and by region, as well as the fact that these programs are both publicly and privately owned (or somewhere in between), tracking bike share is far from standardized.

Bike Friday Rides the Grand Canyon

The Blue Ocean Trilogy: Cycling for the Other 90% of Us

We often ask, What is keeping more people from riding bikes? Mark Sanders’ answer: The Cycling Industry.

Little Red Riding Hood’s Grand Canyon Brompton Ride

On our trip to the Grand Canyon last weekend, we decided that rather than catching the bus to the start of the Kaibab trail, we’d park and ride the 1 mile rim ride to the trailhead. Folding bikes available in the back of the trunk are excellent for unplanned conveniences and adventures such as this.