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Archive for April, 2011

Two-Wheeled Navigation: Bicycle Paths, Routes & Lanes

According to a report prepared for the City of Portland Bureau of Transportation by a few people with PhDs, cycling infrastructure generally has a positive effect on cyclists without negatively impacting motorists. A survey of Portland, Oregon cycle track users found that 70% of respondents [thought] the cycle track made cycling safer and easier. Motorists […]

Hitler and Bike Lanes

But before you compare that driver who just gave you the right hook to Hitler, remember that when you play the Nazi card, you’ve already lost the argument.

Burley Solo Ready for PreSchool to be Over

I’ve been noticing this Burley Solo Bike Child Trailer locked up in front of a Flagstaff Preschool on my way into work. Seems like a great way to bring your child to school and then have your trailer where you need it when you pick your kid up after work. Looking at this example, I […]

Energizer LED Safety Flasher – Coming soon to your supermarket checkout lane

If you’re the kind of person who believes you can never have too many cheap blinky lights clipped to every available spot on your bike and body, then this is your kind of thing.

Misanthropy and Whining in Phoenix

It doesn’t take much to remind me why I don’t live in Phoenix anymore. Bikes remind me that I used to love it.

Interview: David Hill of Victoria Cycles – NAHBS 2011

David Hill, of Victoria Cycles, has been a “cyclist, mechanic and dreamer of fine bicycles for more than thirty years.” Josh interviewed Hill at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) in Austin. Anytime you help promote cycling you’re being an advocate to a certain degree. I build all different styles of bikes. And whether […]