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Bicycle Map of the University of Arizona Campus

Those of you that have been reading Utility Cycling for a while have probably picked up on the fact that in addition to writing about all things utility cycling, I am also a student. In fact, I’m close to wrapping up my last semester of full coursework as a PhD student in the School of […]

Steve Benning, Bike to Work e-Bike Guinea Pig

Steve is a big guy. He does not commute by bike. But he’s going to give it a try for a month on an Ohm e-bike.

The Suave and Sexy Josh Lipton on Outspoken Cyclist

My online ego has been battered by the posting of the least flattering image of myself that I can imagine. Our blog editor, Ted Johnson, decided to use an image from a recent electric bike photo shoot for a Commute By Bike post about my interview with Diane Lees of Outspoken CyclistAlong with this ridiculous […]

Imagine an Oprah-Apple ‘oBike’

Look at those stupid motorist buying an oBike just to keep up with the stupid fad… Suddenly this tipping point looks not only desirable, but within reach.

Josh Lipton on The Outspoken Cyclist

Josh lords over a Web empire that includes Commute by Bike, and he was recently interviewed by Diane Lees on The Outspoken Cyclist.

Make: Live Bicycle Special – Commuter Biking Tips, Tricks And Hacks

Makezine will have a live bicycle special today, 9 PM EDT/6PM PDT, 4/13/2011, and it will be available here on Commute by Bike.   “The main chunk of the show is commuter biking tips, tricks and hacks,” said Matt Richardson of Make. “Then there’s just a small segment at the end which is the more […]