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Complete Streets

Complete Streets

e-Bikes and Commuters: Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations!

Steve Benning has been experimenting with bike commuting on a loaner Ohm XS 750 e-bike. Now he has to return the fancy Ohm bike. But he sounds like he’s ready to dust off his own bike and to switch to pure pedal power. Sure, he’d like to keep that sweet $3,799 bike, but it has […]

‘Buy this car to drive to work. Drive to work to pay for this car.’

A recent post on discussed the economics of car commuting as a function of personal time. James Schwartz at the Urban Country figures car ownership costs the average American about two hours a day — that works out to about 500 hours each year to buy, insure, and maintain a car. Compare with the […]

Dealing with Dogs

I somehow have managed not to read Mark Twain’s essay, Taming the Bicycle until recently. I particularly enjoyed the section on dogs: There was a row of low stepping-stones across one end of the street, a measured yard apart. Even after I got so I could steer pretty fairly I was so afraid of those […]

Rapt Cycling Advocacy

Saturday came and went with no rapture to speak of. If you were aware of Harold Camping’s prediction, you fell into one of three broad categories: People completely convinced the rapture would happen, and bewildered when it didn’t, People who didn’t really expect the rapture but passed Saturday with your fingers crossed, hoping for the […]

Come Ride with Sophie

Come Ride with Sophie