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Archive for May, 2011

Chariot & Croozer Trailer Sale thru May 24th!

We’re having a sale on ALL Chariot Carriers, Croozer Child, Cargo & Dog Trailers. Everything is 10% Off thru May 24th.  

Pleading for Protection: A Transportation Bill Review

As headlines in the States are littered with concerns about the country’s national debt, the ever increasing cost of oil, and the health and environmental repercussions of a largely inactive and auto-dependent population, the fate of federal funding for bike and pedestrian infrastructure is uncertain. According to the League of American Bicyclists, the Senate Committee […]

Bike To Work Week = Chariot & Croozer Sale

Flagstaff Bike to Work Week is underway in Flagstaff and around the country. We’re excited to be getting in on all the action. Check out our coverage of the Bike to Work Week kick off at Commute by Bike.For Bike to Work Week we are offering up one of our big semi-annual specials with 10% […]

Why May is Dedicated to Us: National Bike Month

May has long been a month dedicated to bicycles. Fifty-five years ago, the Cycle Trade Association declared the month to be American Bike Month. Several decades ago, May became known as National Bike Month when the League of American Bicyclists took over the cause, and the emphasis shifted more towards cycling advocacy and away from […]

Commute by Tyke: Child Trailers

Bike commuting is fine for you, but I have kids who I need to take to daycare every morning. Oh Mama, are we ready with a comeback to that one. Child bike trailers aren’t just for towing your spawn to the playground on weekends. Many owners of child trailers use them daily as parents drop […]

Bike to Work Week 2011 Begins

We kicked off Bike to Work Week by visiting and participating in a bike swap and parade held by our local bike advocacy organization. The bike swap was basically a bike-specific swap meet. Nirvana for DIY mechanics, bargain hunters, and bike nerds. I took some video and added some uplifting music to make it seem […]