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by Ted Johnson

Just a few days ago we released a video of bike commuters.

Bill Springer on YouTube

Bill Springer

Bill Springer is the 14th commuter in the video. This morning I saw Bill out for a ride, and I yelled out to him, “Hey! I put you on YouTube.”

He stopped and looked at me like, Do I know you? Should I be afraid?

“Remember? Bike to Breakfast Day?”

“Oh yeah!”

Here is the video again to refresh your memory (especially you, Bill):

Now we want you to contribute to the next installment in the series of the videos, and perhaps also be recognized out in public by strangers.

If you have a camcorder, a digital camera, or a phone that can shoot short videos, you can participate.

And just to make it interesting, we’d like to know what excuse you conquer in your own commute.

Here are some examples:

My name is Garry Melendez, I have high-maintenance hair, and I commute by bike.

I’m Sandra Barbee, I drop my kids off at daycare when I commute by bike.

I’m Dewey Callahan, I hate exercise, but I commute by bike.

My name is Aleksi Mantila. Where I live there is snow or rain 200 days per year, and I commute by bike.

I’m Seine van Eijndhoven. I’m Dutch, and although it sounds redundant to say it, I commute by bike.

I’m Ted Johnson, and my wife does most of the errands by car, because I commute by bike.

It would be swell if we could see a bit of your bike, and maybe some scenery too.

So get busy with those videos.

The maximum video size is 10 MB, because, well, how long does it take to start the camera, say that, and stop the camera?

I’ll put together the next installment as soon as I have 20 usable videos.

Here is the form:

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Up to 10 MB, MOV, M4V, DV, AIC, Motion-JPEG, or MPEG-4 files.


By sending this video, you release to us the rights to use your video. Sending us a video does not guarantee that we will or can use it.


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  1. Speaking of wives who run the errands, Natalie Ramsland had something to say about that: “ It’s easier to be the heroic bike commuter if you’ve got somebody else picking up the dry cleaning and shuttling Johnny off to soccer practice. It seems that too often that somebody is female.

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