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3-Way Street Campaign

by Melanie Colavito

The following video is a case study of an intersection in NYC that demonstrates all of the continuous, and oftentimes tumultuous, interactions that occur between cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians. The video was created by a School of Visual Arts MFA student named Ron Gabriel, and it “aims to show our interconnected role in improving the safety and usability of our streets” (source).

Given that so many of the videos I have seen recently about the increased number of cyclists, as well as cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, in NYC, it is interesting to see a video that isn’t quite as happy-go-lucky as some of the others. Although the particular intersection in this video doesn’t appear to have great cycling infrastructure and only minimal pedestrian infrastructure, it still brings up an important issue about challenges in managing increased numbers of cyclists and pedestrians when not everyone is necessarily following the rules. What do you think of the video? Can better infrastructure, like that we see in many other videos about cycling in NYC, change bad habits like those we see in this video? Or are our bad habits too ingrained?

Via EcoVelo.

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One Response to “3-Way Street Campaign”

  1. Ted Johnson says:

    Cliche warning: This video is really a “glass half empty” look at interactions between pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

    Consider that this movie is edited, but not sped up. He only managed to get about three minutes of “bad” behavior. I wonder how long he had to run the camera in order to cherry pick these incidents.

    Over at Commute by Bike, I’ve looked at it from a more positive perspective.


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