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Archive for July, 2011

Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase Tire Review

Disclosure: My full-time employer is an independent bicycle retailer, and we sell tires. Lots of tires, in all shapes and sizes, including the tires that are described in this review. I am announcing this fact at the beginning of this tire review because it may lead some readers to believe that I am biased. I […]

Burley Child, Cargo, & Dog Trailers Sale!

ALLBurleyTrailersare 10% off through August 2nd – Extended to August 15th!

Deconstructing Burley

I was on the Burley Website recently while poaching images to use in this newsletter. When I found this guy. And I thought, I am such a dumb ass. I’m always wondering how to convince more people to take bikes seriously as transportation. Is it the economic argument? Is it the quality of life argument? […]

Rolling with the Ebikes at the Flagstaff Farmers Market

This weekend, we had our 2nd appearance at the Flagstaff Farmer’s Market. For this go around, I had the inspiration to bring out my rollers. People were first perplexed and then entertained to see me balancing on the rollers, not pedaling at all (Ted should have some video up over at Commute By Bike in […]

Baiku: Very Short Poems Made While Riding A Bicycle

Chris Brandt is a writer, activist, translator, carpenter, furniture designer, theatre worker. He teaches in the English Department and the Peace and Justice Program at Fordham University. Poems and essays have been published in Spain, France, Mexico and the US; translations in The New Yorker and by Seven Stories Press, UC Berkeley, and the Instituto […]

A Fish’s Wild Ride: Transporting Fish by Mountain Bike

Over the last two years here at Utility Cycling we have tried to research, explore, experience, and write about all of the different potential uses for a bicycle to accomplish a meaningful goal that is not sport or recreation focused. We have covered everything from emergency and patrol services by bike to bicycle messengers to […]