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Archive for July, 2011

Orontas Plant-Based Lube and Cleaner Review

Nathan Friedman specializes in living the good life and making it look easy. Mountain biking all summer and skiing all winter, Nate is a rock star of the outdoor opportunities in the Southwest. To get some inspiration on living life to the fullest, check out his blog, Handlebar Sandwich. Chain lube. It seems like such […]

BOB Trailers at the Muscle Beach

What other kind of vacation would inspire a skinny guy like this to flex his muscles in the psuedo, macho revelry of the joy of freedom and accomplishment? Making it anywhere under your own power is always something to be satisfied by in my book. And from the look on our friends face, I’m guessing […]

New Belgium Brewery: ‘If it’s not fun, it’s not sustainable’

There is a vast array of reasons to commute by bike. People who choose to cycle for transportation do so because, for many, it is the most efficient, enjoyable and sustainable way to travel. At New Belgium Brewery, bikes are a natural part of the company culture, as the Colorado-based brewerys core values and beliefs […]

Here Come the Bike Lights!

Next up on the agenda for Bike Shop Hub is finding the best brands of bike lights to offer up at the new specialty shop that we’ve got under development There is an amazing variety of high quality cycling lights these days and we’re getting quite excited to wrap our brains around all the […]

Misery in the Median: The Quality of Life Argument for Cycling

We bike commuters specifically, and cyclists generally, like to talk about how being on a bike heightens our awareness of our environment and our communities. But this aspect of cycling remains one of the hardest to communicate to a non-cyclist. Your most poetic description of “heightened awareness” won’t convince sedentary habitual motorist to think, I […]

Road to Ruin: A Transportation Bill Roundup

Since he introduced his proposal for the next surface transportation re-authorization bill late last week, John Mica (R-FL) has become public enemy number one in the bicycle advocacy world as well as in many other interest groups that would suffer from this proposed drastic reduction in transportation funding. The new bill calls for a 33% […]