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Archive for August, 2011

Don’s Parrot on a Bike Rack

Don sent in this great photo of his parrot adapter stand perched on the back of his seatpost rack. With the parrot dominating the rear storage of the rack, it looks as if Don has to ride a bit heavy loaded with a milk crate on his Old Man Mountain Rack  and an Arkel handlebar […]

Career Courier Bike Messenger Documentary

Career Courier Bike Messenger Documentary

The Vaude Eva’s Office Pannier: She Plays for Both Teams

Jaimie Robinson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Chicago. Jaimie commutes by bike every possible day along Chicago’s Lake Shore bike path. She is a regular writer for Chicago Bridge, a blog for professionals working in the field of aging. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly stuffy name, Eva’s Office Pannier. Not only is this […]

Biketopia, Buffalo, and Credit Where No Credit is Due (Roundup)

I don’t do roundup posts too often anymore. They’re hard. But in the last week, we’ve had a spate of exposure outside of Commute by Bike. Tom Bowden has a Dream In Tom Bowden‘s guest opinion in Richmond BizSense, he dreams of the ultimate cycling paradise city. A city that would make Portland, Boulder, Copenhagen, […]

Sanitov Cargo Bike with Built in GPS

There is a GPS chip in this beautiful looking cargo bike to help with theft prevention! Perhaps in a few years this will start becoming standard issue for cargo bikes and bikes of all stripes.From the manufacturer: Sanitov Studio is happy to introduce our Cargo-bicycle Concept and the Campaign Go Bicycle Before Its Too Late. […]

Capital Bikeshare Success Story

Capital Bikeshare Success Story