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Hi Tech or Low Tech?

by Josh Lipton

The opposite sides of the bicycle technology spectrum collided the other day in my camera frame. While our Inventory Manager, Matt Irvine, had his new fixed gear Surly Steamroller rolled out for his ride home, I had rolled the A2B Metro out from the display ride to power me along the way.We both laughed seeing these two bikes side-by-side, but I had the funniest chuckle when by battery ran out out of juice about half way home Pedaling this sofa of a bike home without electric assist is less than fast, and I’m sure that Matt must have ended up covering his 3 mile bike commute home quite a bit faster than I covered mine.So where do you fall in the bike tech spectrum? Are you a fixie, an electric powered sofa or somewhere in between?

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One Response to “Hi Tech or Low Tech?”

  1. Commuterjohn says:

    About the middle I suppose.
    A Scott sub 10 with a few upgrades, front suspension, dyno hub lightning and better hydraulic brakes.
    Keeps me on the move on and off the road every day.

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