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Hitch for Trek Trailer

“I’m looking to buy a replacement hitch for my trek trailer.”’s Answer: We do not support Trek trailers however we are aware that some Trek trailers use Chariot’s hitches: We also have written a blog post about bike trailer hitches that may be helpful if your trailer does not use a Chariot hitch.

Flagstaff Summer Bike Commuters

A couple of snapshots of cyclists breezing by in the Flagstaff summer air. Don’t let the summer pass you by without making sure to get in some good riding yourself…

Bicycling in Indonesia

Bicycling in Indonesia

Bike Shop Hub Trailer Lineup

I recently did a little tuning up of the Bike Shop Hub trailer fleet. These are the trailers that we keep around for shop use and when customers want to borrow one for a couple days to really get a sense for how the different styles of trailer feel on the bike. The lineup includes […]

Self-Inflating Commuter Tire

You’re a bike commuter. You’re in good shape. Your risk of coronary artery disease is pretty low, so you’re not likely to be needing a peristaltic pump–one of those pumps in an open-heart bypass machine. But would you be interested in a peristaltic pump if it was at the heart of a self-inflating commuter tire? […]

Bike Move in Bozeman

Bike Move in Bozeman