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Pedala Zezinho

Pedala Zezinho

Scare Your Coworkers: Commute by Bike

Hey bike commuters! Want to scare your coworkers? Keep doing what you’re doing. I came to work today… [dramatic pause] … on a bicycle! Mwahahahahahah!!! You know, because ridiculing their fear of cycling just might work. Or you might be able to get away with it because it’s Halloween. Or if, like me, you work […]

Batman’s Bike Trailer

Batman, who apparently also moonlights as a keyboardist, sent in this photo of his bike trailer setup. I’m guessing that the somewhat blurry, dark photo was taken as Batman was jumping on his bike to chase after a criminal in between gigs. Or perhaps it was intentionally blurry to hide some of its alternative crime […]

Richard’s Xtracycle Peapod – Stroller Ready

Richard sent us these photos of his son on an Xtracycle with PeaPod and a stroller attached on the PeaPod. It sounds like he is a real fan after a few months. He included this video of his adventures with the Xtracycle.Speaking of the PeaPod, we are kicking off our Fall Inventory Reductions. We happen […]

Occupy Wall Street Using Pedal Power

Occupy Wall Street Using Pedal Power

Early Fall’s Flagstaff Bike Commuters for Inspiration

Its been a tough summer and fall as I’ve been scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the finances of our business here at As I scramble to make ends meet and make some tough choices to get our business plans in line with reality, I’m very glad that I’m doing […]