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Archive for October, 2011

A Report from Pedalfest! 2011

Shawn Kielty is a Software Engineer, Artist, Photographer, and avid outdoor enthusiast, enjoying cycling and other human powered travel. Travel stories from on his blog Flat Tire Paradise amuse, entertain, and encourage readers to get outside and have some fun. A friend and I went out to Jack London Square in Oakland, California on Saturday […]

Designing an Innovative Bicycle Helmet

Ruben Hekkens is a graduate student at the Delft University of Technology, in Delft, Netherlands. As a masters project, he is developing a “lifestyle bicycle helmet for use in urban environments.” Because very few urban cyclists in Holland wear helmets, Ruben sees an opportunity. It reminded me of an old marketing parable of two shoe […]

The Female Facts of Life

I am a female cyclist. As a female cyclist, I do have to deal with one of the inevitable facts of being a woman approximately every twenty-eight days. However, considering how this fact of life affects transportation cyclists who lack the Y chromosome had never occurred to me until my editor sent me a link […]

Best Cargo Trailer for Beach Gear?

I was wondering which bike trailer would be the best one for transporting beach chairs and a cooler to the beach. It will be going over paved roads and parked near the beach, so it does not need to be sand-capable. Any suggestions? Beach hauling duties are quite a popular use for bike trailers. We […]

The Fox, Goose, Running, Bike Commuting, and Beer Puzzle

We all know that the aversion some people have to commuting to work is partially because of the logistics and planning involved — at least in the beginning. After a time, these logistics become as second nature to us as, say, stopping for gas, or texting while driving is to many motorists. Bike commuting has […]

Surly Troll Tractoring the Big Time Fun Trailer

The theme for this weeks posts seems to be followups on previously submitted bike trailer posts. Last week I posted quite a few images of Steve’s innovative jumbo trailer. He sent in a few more images showing the rig he set up to haul his wagon around with. Appropriately enough, he’s got a new Surly […]