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The Right Tool for the Right Job: Lone Peak RP-350 Basic Rack-Top Bag

To paraphrase John Wayne, “I see you talk the talk but do ride the ride?” Bob Caravona is an Urban Planner and an amateur triathlete who not only talks the talk, but also swims the swim, bikes the bike, and runs the run. He strives for local government to follow through with the same conviction. […]

Marty’s Landscape Chores by Bike Trailer

Marty of The Jersey Pedaler sent in this photo of his Carry Freedom Y-Frame Trailer.  If  those ties had a pillow strapped to the front, it could make a decent headrest.

The Pedal Powered Talk Show

The Pedal Powered Talk Show

Commute by Bike’s Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Are you looking for a stocking stuffer for a bike lover? Do you not dare buy a cycling accessory for someone who is very particular, or has an exotic bike? Do you want to instill the love of cycling into a young’un? Do you want to make this the most special holiday ever? We don’t […]

Big BONGO Prototype Testing

If you follow this blog, you may have noticed that we are developing a new version of the Wandertec BONGO Trailer. I’ve posted a few images of the Really Big version of this new design. We are also doing a size that we are just calling Big for those who want a large around town […]

Countering Cuddly Car Characters: Bike Names

I wasn’t a big fan of the Pixar movie Cars. No, it wasn’t because the movie wasn’t about bikes. It was that the underlying message was this: There is no problem in the world so big that a celebrity can’t fix it. The big problem in the movie was that the town of Radiator Springs, […]

Sedona vs. Saddle Bag: Review of the Vaude Tool

This is a guest post from Pete Prebus. Pete runs Electric Bike Report and is enthusiastic about spreading the word about electric bikes because they have great potential to get more people on bikes and out of their cars. Are you looking for a saddle bag to store some extra gear (tools, small cargo, etc.) on your […]

Tom’s Bike Shuttle by Bike Trailer Solution

As a life-long cyclist, I have found many times that I’ve wanted or needed to carry one bike with another.  The main reason I’ve needed to transport another bike is because I need to get the out of commission bike down to the bike shop.  But there are all sorts of other logistical reasons where […]

In Tokyo a bicycle is faster than a car: Useless information or instructive tale?

“In Tokyo, a bicycle is faster than a car for most trips of less than 50 minutes.” Thus saith the Internet. Many of us who live or have lived in congested cities will find this easy to believe. This “fact” was brought to my attention by Ray, a reader of Commute by Bike, who found […]

Amy’s Trailer-Cycle and Her Son’s Big Smiles

With our Adam’s Trailer-Cycle Sale running through next Tuesday, I wanted to post this submission from a family who has been able to share the joys of cycling with their son who has Down syndrome We were so grateful to find your “trail-a-bike!” Our little boy has Down syndrome and at age 9 still does […]