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Archive for December, 2011

Bike Parking: Salsa Fargo

Hey look! Someone is using our bike rack! Since Stu built this incredible bike rack, I think that I’ve only seen people lock up their bike to it 5 or 6 times. Perhaps its just so amazing that people are scared to scratch it. I think it just needs to get a little weather worn […]

Dear Employees: PleaseCycle. Thank You.

For veteran cyclists looking for additional motivation to ride to work or for new commuters seeking assistance to get started, PleaseCycle offers solutions to these issues and beyond for London-based employers. The company, which launched its program this quarter, features an comprehensive online portal that allows employees to log miles, plan routes, and track both […]

The Right Tool for the Right Job: Lone Peak RP-350 Basic Rack-Top Bag

To paraphrase John Wayne, “I see you talk the talk but do ride the ride?” Bob Caravona is an Urban Planner and an amateur triathlete who not only talks the talk, but also swims the swim, bikes the bike, and runs the run. He strives for local government to follow through with the same conviction. […]

Marty’s Landscape Chores by Bike Trailer

Marty of The Jersey Pedaler sent in this photo of his Carry Freedom Y-Frame Trailer.  If  those ties had a pillow strapped to the front, it could make a decent headrest.

The Pedal Powered Talk Show

The Pedal Powered Talk Show

Commute by Bike’s Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Are you looking for a stocking stuffer for a bike lover? Do you not dare buy a cycling accessory for someone who is very particular, or has an exotic bike? Do you want to instill the love of cycling into a young’un? Do you want to make this the most special holiday ever? We don’t […]