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Cycle Anti-Chic: The Bike Helmet as an Accessory Platform

To paraphrase Jesus: The tasteless you will always have with you, but you will not always have Mikael. I wear a helmet almost every time I bike. I also enjoy provoking the anti-helmet trolls. These are people who believe that bike helmets promote and perpetuate an exaggerated perception of the dangers of cycling, which only […]

Self-Inflicted Pain at the Pump

I had a 170-mile commute by car this morning — from the southern ‘burbs of Phoenix all the way to Flagstaff, Arizona. I was about 35 miles along when I realized I needed to fill up the car with gas. And while filling up I also realized that I probably haven’t personally purchased gasoline in […]

Green Transportation at Google

Green Transportation at Google

No Confirmed Cycling Arrivals to The Oscars

I’ll be heading down to Phoenix to worship at the alter of Celebrity. The alter is my mother’s big-screen television. The temple is her living room. The occasion is the Academy Awards ceremony. And, like most or all of the guests, presenters, and nominees who will arrive at the event on Los Angeles in person, […]

LA Bike Lanes Muddle Matters for Movie Moguls

Tom Bowden is a bike commuter from Richmond VA, a “suit” – a corporate lawyer with an MBA, and a conservative – You betcha! He is also a board member of BikeWalk Virginia, a pro cycling and pedestrian group in Virginia that raises money to promote cycling, walking and active lifestyles. Tom’s lawyerly blogging can […]

Mike’s Full Featured BOB Ibex

There are quite a few ways to outfit a BOB Trailer.  Mike took it to an extreme by decking his BOB Ibex out with a Wandertec SAX Liner, a Greenspeed Rack and Delta Water Bottlecages.  The real topper is the wooden fender that makes this one of the coolest looking BOB setups I’ve seen.  If […]

Hey Oscar, What was Rosebud? (Hint: Not a Sled)

Dallas Adams is the founder of Citizen Chain Cyclery, a bicycle shop located in the North Beach section of San Francisco, California. Born and raised in the Silicon Valley, his past experiences include work with the YMCA, U.S. Department of Labor and Defense, Lockheed Martin, Arrow Electronics and the American Red Cross as a disaster […]

Calling The Loser Alpha Male… Zach Galifianakis: Bike to the Oscars

In my quest to get an Academy Awards nominee, presenter, or guest to bike to the Oscars, I was pointed in the direction of Zach Galifianakis. He’s the guy who just might do it, I was told. So what do we know about this Galifianakis guy, other than he’s a cyclist and he invented a […]

The Mounty: A Rubber Smart Phone Mount That Makes You Flexible

I get a lot of e-mail from people who make or sell smartphone mounts for bikes. They’d like to have their mounts reviewed. The first problem is, I don’t have a smartphone. I don’t want one. I’m insufferable enough without the ability to fact check any conversation, or to find that video of the man […]

Fyxation Session 700 Tires vs. A Mild NYC Winter

Vanessa Marie Robinson is a Brooklyn-based industrial designer who’s blog For The Love Of Bikes covers her multifaceted interests in all things cycling. She is typically found either riding in the city on a single-speed or training upstate on her road bike — year-round! Last November I began bracing myself for some harsh winter weather […]