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Tom Bowden’s 230-Mile Round-Trip Commute to The National Bike Summit

Tom Bowden is a bike commuter from Richmond VA, a “suit” – a corporate lawyer with an MBA, and a conservative – You betcha! He is also a board member of Bike Virginia, a pro cycling and pedestrian group in Virginia that raises money to promote cycling, walking and active lifestyles. Tom’s lawyerly blogging can […]

Doug’s Big Load Bike Trailer

Thanks for the great pics and write up Doug! “Hey just saw your post about the lack of pictures you’ve received and decided to send this in. The is the trailer I built over the summer. It was made with steel tubing from an old grill and a benchpress bench. I cut and welded it […]

Reasons to Preserve Bike & Pedestrian Funding

Reasons to Preserve Bike & Pedestrian Funding

2012 National Bike Challenge

2012 National Bike Challenge

National Bike Summit Bike Ride 2012

This year was the second time I have participated in the National Bike Summit. I was one of more than 800 attendees from 49 states. The Summit concludes with a bike ride where people who don’t have to run back to their home states right away go on a leisurely bike tour of Washington DC. […]

Paul’s Heavy Duty Steel Trailer

In Pau’ls words “Here’s some pictures of a trailer I built for a customer. The utility trailer was pulled by an electric hub-motor bicycle, and is capable of hauling 400lbs. Contact for your hauling needs.”