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Tom Bowden on ‘The Outspoken Cyclist’

by Ted Johnson

The Outspoken Cyclist’s interview with Tom Bowden, one of our frequent contributors, was broadcast on WJCU recently and can now be heard online.

Tom Bowden on The Outspoken CyclistTom talks about his transition from being a RAAM racer in the 1990s to becoming the tweedy mild-mannered bike commuter and advocate he is today. You’ll get a heads-up on America’s next great cycling city: Richmond, Virginia, host of the 2015 UCI Road World Championships. Tom also discusses his involvement in Richmond’s winning the bid, the preparations, and the projected economic benefits.

If you’re expecting a crazy hair-on-fire conservative, you’ll be disappointed. Bowden comes off like a mensch.

As long as I’m pretending to know Yiddish: Diane Lees’ followup guest is some poor, less impressive schmoe named Graeme Obree who won some kind of prize for riding a bike for a whole hour, or something. Whatever.

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6 Responses to “Tom Bowden on ‘The Outspoken Cyclist’”

  1. BluesCat says:

    Great interview, Tom.

    I, too, wish we could depoliticize bicycling, remove the “left” or “right” and just do what’s “right.”

    I just don’t understand the resistance to bicycling as transportation. Do you think people just aren’t looking at the evidence? Or are they looking at the evidence through personal-bias-colored glasses? Or is it a political stunt just to get “their way”?

    Oh, and don’t forget: as soon as you have all those folks locked into their hotel rooms for the UCI World Championships, I expect you to get really hair-on-fire about insisting they let recumbents race!

  2. Two “A”s in RAAM editor guy

  3. Ethan says:

    Nicely done, great to see Richmond in the news.


  4. Diane Lees says:

    Now that the grammar police have had their say, thanks for the great write-up Ted. I needed a good laugh. Too bad Yiddish is a dying language – it has a nice ring to it sometimes.


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