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Bike Box that Converts to a Bike Trailer

I would like a bike box for a prodeco full size folding bike its the new stride and I want to take it on a flight. The box could then be used as a trailer once at destination. Do you do anything like this. It is funny that you should ask about this as our […]

May is Bike Month: It’s easy once it’s easy

“Wanna have a beer?” At 7:44 PM, on Friday night, when it looked as though I would spend the evening excavating my garage, that text message popped into my phone from my friend Chuck Cheesman. Later that same minute, I replied that I indeed would like to have a beer. And during that minute before […]

The Convert

The Convert

Cleverhood Rain Cape: Patience… It’ll rain eventually

Karen Voyer-Caravona is an admitted bicycle dilettante in Flagstaff, Arizona, who blogs about her adventures on two wheels, vélo envy, her husband’s cooking, and cross country skiing at www.sheridesabike.com. Visit her Website for her endless opinions on the most stylish shoes for pedaling, critiques of bike parking, and the best bike date dining destinations. According […]

London’s Big Ride

London’s Big Ride

‘Park To Pedal’: Drive, park, then bike. (Yeah. That’ll work.)

Commute by Bike has been HuffPo’d! Welcome, readers of The Huffington Post. We hope you enjoyed the article, “Bike To Work: Commute With ‘Park To Pedal’ Instead Of Driving All The Way” with it’s link to Tim Grahl’s article over here, “A Guide to a Simple Bike Commute.” And thank you for continuing to explore […]

Portland did what? Pinch me. Am I dreaming?

Tom Bowden is a bike commuter from Richmond VA, a “suit” – a corporate lawyer with an MBA, and a conservative – You betcha! He is also a board member of Bike Virginia, a pro cycling and pedestrian group in Virginia that raises money to promote cycling, walking and active lifestyles. Tom’s lawyerly blogging can […]

Greg’s Xtracycle Dog Rig

Greg, sent in this clever setup for using his Xtracycle to commute with this his dog. A good use of the WideLoaders. The customer innovation never stops! Keep on sending in those photos…

Humorous PSA’s

Humorous PSA’s

The Art of Advocacy: ‘The Return of the Speedwells’

Mike Rubbo, filmmaker, painter and cycling advocate, raises some very interesting questions in his short film, “The Return of the Speedwells.” Focusing specifically on Australia, Rubbo faults the media for its depiction of cycling as a competitive and aggressive sport, to the exclusion of images of the friendlier, utilitarian benefits of cycling. [T]he sport cycling […]