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Jumbo Slice on a Micro Bike: CarryMe by Pacific Cycles

Rod started cycling in college and found a job at a local bike shop assembling and repairing bikes. He and his wife went to work in the test labs and offices of Cannondale before heading off to try to ride their bikes around the world. After 18 months on the road, they ran out of […]

Reading from an Xtracycle

Reading from an Xtracycle

Sidewalk Salmoning: It’s The Law

BluesCat is a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, who originally returned to bicycling in 2002 in order to help his son get the Boy Scout Cycling merit badge. His bikes sat idle until the summer of 2008 when gas prices spiked at over $4.00 per gallon. Since then, he has become active cycling, day-touring, commuting by […]

Dillon’s Bike Moving Bike Trailer

There are many ways to build custom DIY bike trailer solutions to suit your needs. I’ll let Dillon explain his solution: I have been building many different types of bike trailers trying to find one that will hold up to what i need. With my bike shop I have to be able to tow a […]

Walk Home and Declare Victory

Yesterday I went on a six- or seven-mile ride with my stepdaughter. The destination was a local health club with an indoor pool. Before jumping into the pool, I ran two miles on a treadmill. I watched the first 20 minutes of a Harry Potter film. (Do the math. Yes, that’s how fast I run […]

Reclaiming San Francisco’s Streets

Reclaiming San Francisco’s Streets