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John’s “Cycle Truck” and Trailer

John has been busy building his version of the dutch cargo bike along with a “cycletruck” similar to a large flatbed trailer. John’s other designs – manufactured out of Northern California can be seen at

Share the Road – Hawaiian Style

Share the Road – Hawaiian Style

New Word: Velocapitalist

Tom Bowden is a bike commuter from Richmond VA, a “suit” – a corporate lawyer with an MBA, and a conservative – You betcha! He chairman of Bike Virginia, a bicycle advocacy organization in Virginia that raises money to promote cycling, walking and active lifestyles. The New World Bicycle Dictionary, 3rd Edition (2012) contains this […]

Driver Education: ‘Bicyclists are a Source of Danger’

A reader sent me a screen shot from the curriculum of Texas Adult Drivers, an online driving school. They promise to “give you all the secrets” to pass the driving test of the Texas Department of Public Safety. The “Right of Way” section of the curriculum has a sub-section on Bicyclists, and this is […]

Chile to Kili

Chile to Kili

Cargo Trailer Prototype Screen Tests

I’m involved in a soon-to-be-launched Kickstarter project for a new bike cargo trailer. Yesterday I was in video production mode, and set up the shot where Josh will speak inspiringly about the trailer, and the project. I put myself in the shot to frame things. My co-worker Robert was used as a stand-in for Josh […]

Racks that Work Well with Trunk Bags

Via Email: I purchased a set of Ortlieb panniers from you a few years back. I used them on my commuter bike which had a rear rack and worked out great. Now I upgraded my commuter bike to a Metrofiet cargo bike and even though I have more than enough room in the front […]

Tyler’s Custom Cape Cod Commuter

Green with envy over this green commuter?  I’ll let Tyler explain: I had my bike custom built by my cousin, Sam Densmore, of Cycles Densmore out of Cape Cod. I chose the color scheme and all of the features to fit me, my aesthetic, and my daily needs of a cycle. Then I was left […]

Losing my Religion (of Car Worship)

I was probably six or seven years old when I watched a car summarily buried in a huge grave. It happened right in front of the cabin my dad used to own in Frisco, Colorado.The reason for the burial, as explained by my father, was that water flowed under the street, and needed a place […]

Bicycling Park Ranger

A few weeks ago, I was visiting Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. My husband and I were setting up camp, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a Park Ranger riding by pulling a bike trailer full of gear! That Park Ranger is Lori Rome, who is the Chief of Interpretation at […]