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Racks that Work Well with Trunk Bags

Via Email: I purchased a set of Ortlieb panniers from you a few years back. I used them on my commuter bike which had a rear rack and worked out great. Now I upgraded my commuter bike to a Metrofiet cargo bike and even though I have more than enough room in the front […]

Tyler’s Custom Cape Cod Commuter

Green with envy over this green commuter?  I’ll let Tyler explain: I had my bike custom built by my cousin, Sam Densmore, of Cycles Densmore out of Cape Cod. I chose the color scheme and all of the features to fit me, my aesthetic, and my daily needs of a cycle. Then I was left […]

Losing my Religion (of Car Worship)

I was probably six or seven years old when I watched a car summarily buried in a huge grave. It happened right in front of the cabin my dad used to own in Frisco, Colorado.The reason for the burial, as explained by my father, was that water flowed under the street, and needed a place […]

Bicycling Park Ranger

A few weeks ago, I was visiting Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. My husband and I were setting up camp, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a Park Ranger riding by pulling a bike trailer full of gear! That Park Ranger is Lori Rome, who is the Chief of Interpretation at […]

If there’s a ‘War on Cars,’ it’s a Counterinsurgency

The “War on Cars” is a manipulative framing. And the media can’t resist regurgitating a “War on” anything. So as I listened to this recent NPR piece, “Motorists To Urban Planners: Stay In Your Lane,” I was ready to be annoyed, and NPR delivered. The report leads with a reference to a claimed “war on […]

Summer Weehoo Sale! Weehoo Company Profile

Weehoo iGo Trailer-Cycles are now 15% off thru July 31st at Bike Kid Shop! Want to learn more about Weehoo? President Stephen Rodgers took some time to answer a few questions for us in order to paint a more well-rounded picture of Weehoo, its leaders, and its values. BSH: When was your company founded?SR: August 2008 BSH: […]