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Extensive Hands-Off Experience: Installing the BionX Electric Assist

I consider myself The World’s Leading Expert on BionX Retrofits… who has never actually done a retrofit himself. In a previous post, I talked about the natural ride of BionX — and I referred to bikes that come from the manufacturer with the BionX system already installed. But what about someone who wants to put […]

Green Riders: Southeast Asia Eco-Tour

Green Riders Kenny and Jamie’s “sustainable transport odyssey” from Thailand to Bali summed up: Six weeks. Two bamboo bikes. A camera. A continent of environmental stories, struggles and successes. Plus, several thousand kilometers of twisted little roads stringing it all together. These guys are really putting their Ortlieb gear, Kenda tires, and legs to the […]

Roads are for cars. Roads are for people. No they’re not. Yes they are. No they’re not. Yes they are…

On Sunday I picked a fight with a stranger. It wasn’t a fair fight. My retelling of it won’t make it fair, and won’t make it right. Our frequent contributor Tom Bowden posted this photo to Facebook: The photo was accompanied by this bit of Bowden snark: To those who say roads are for cars […]

The Cycling Movement in Puerto Rico

The Cycling Movement in Puerto Rico

Comparing Bike Trailer Hitch Styles for Two Wheel Trailers

Via Email: I have been researching trailers and am seriously considering your Bongo model..a couple of reasons: made in the USA, 20 in wheels, and the hitch mount style I’ve read that a chainstay mount is superior to the axle mount. Do you have a configuration for a chainstay mount available? For the Wandertec […]

Lucky Dan’s Hawaiian Bike Tour

Dan kicked off his summer with a 6-week bike tour on Kauai – cycling from one end of the island to the other. I had everything I needed on my Ibex trailer (boogie board, fins, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad…etc.) and it performed great over everything and everywhere I went. I got compliments on it […]