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Rudy’s Tour de Water 2012 Bike Tour

“Water and sanitation are the building blocks of human life and dignity.  Without them, people will forever struggle to move forward with their lives,” so states Blue Planet Ride‘s website – part of the Blue Planet Network.  This guest post, brought to you by Samuel Hagler of Ride For Good, details one of Blue Planet’s […]

Kickstarter Projects for Bike Commuters

Kickstarter is a Web site that allows creative people to raise money to realize their ideas, whether it’s a movie, an art exhibit, a video game, or a cycling accessory. People running Kickstarter projects contact me all the time. Sometimes I ignore them. Sometimes I write about them. Sometimes I ignore them for awhile, and […]

Sharing the Road

Sharing the Road

“The Way I Roll” Chris Van Dine Video

Peter Sutherland is a NYC-based filmmaker, photographer and artist who has made a series of documentary films about passionate cyclists. “Sutherland,” says the press release, “has followed athletes, bike makers and enthusiasts on their home ground, biking and talking about their strong passion for the bike culture.” The series is called “The Way I Roll,” […]

Doug’s Wandertec “Bongo” Bakery Build

More and more businesses are hitting the streets with more eco-conscious delivery-by-bike services. Doug utilized our very own Wandertec Bongo cargo trailer as a platform for Oakland’s Fat Bottom Bakery cupcake transportation cart. Doug remarks, “You have a great trailer design there. It was very easy to work with and very light. A really sensible […]

Chariot Child Bike Trailers: Save up to 35%

This is our newsletter for the month.If you’d like to get this delivered to you inbox, subscribe here. Save up to 35% on Chariot Child Carriers Our huge ongoing sale on Chariot Child Carriers just got… huger.It’s not just the 2011 models.Now the 2012 carriers and all Chariot accessories are getting in on the act […]