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Project Bikes Anonymous

For every crazy cat lady, there must be dozens of women who are (as the bumper sticker says), “One bad relationship away from having 30 cats.” There is a bike equivalent to this phenomenon: Guys (as long as we’re indulging stereotypes) who can’t stop collecting stray bikes. In my town, that guy is Elson Miles, […]

A Bike Trailer for Car-Sized Errands

This is our newsletter for the month.If you’d like to get this delivered to you inbox, subscribe here. The Wandertec Tuba:A Bike Trailer for Life-Sized Loads Some errands are an excuse to use the family car.Sorry, America, we want to change that.We’ve designed a trailer for carrying the loads that used to go in your […]



Doctor’s Orders: Ride Naked

BluesCat is a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, who originally returned to bicycling in 2002 in order to help his son get the Boy Scout Cycling merit badge. His bikes sat idle until the summer of 2008 when gas prices spiked at over $4.00 per gallon. Since then, he has become active cycling, day-touring, commuting by […]

Mark and Archie Head to Work

Mark and son Archie have an 8 mile commute by bike to work. “He loves the top bar seat as he can constantly ask me questions along the way!” Love the stylish helmet and boots Archie!

Peter the Pirate Bobbing the Queen’s Jubilee

London has seen a lot of action rolling through it in the past few years, including Prince William and Kate Middleton’s elaborate wedding, the summer Olympic games, and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee which took place at the end of July 2012. In the midst of the royal Jubilee, Peter rolled his bike around the country […]

Portland Bike Counter

Portland Bike Counter

The Urbana and BionX: Peanut Butter and Chocolate

The Current is an Urbana bike integrated with a BionX electric assist system. We’ve had a really, really, long term test of this bike — like more than a year. At first it was, Oh God! It’s so cute! Can I ride it can I ride it? And now it’s, Hey, I’m taking the Urbana […]

Marc’s Mexico Adventure with Ortlieb

Marc is enjoying his summer in Playa del Carmen, Mexico as we kick off another Ortlieb summer sale.  Marc’s Strida folding bike is outfitted with the Ortlieb Front Roller Classics. He comments, “I love the fact that they’re totally waterproof, to ward off the frequent tropical storms.” Weathering your own storms this summer? Or want […]

The Sidekick by Sleepypod or ‘How to Transport a Small Mammal by Bike’

Every dog owner knows that face.  That sad, adorable, convincing, and slightly threatening face.  Yes, it’s the face of your dog when you are about to leave home without him or her to embark on some activity that will obviously be fun. “How dare you?” your pooch seems to be saying.  “I see that you […]