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Last Day to Pledge on the Wandertec Tuba

by Melanie Colavito

There are 24 hours remaining to pledge on the Wandertec Tuba through Kickstarter. The Tuba is designed to match the capacity of a car’s truck and provides a good option for utility cyclists who want to haul a little more gear than most commuter trailers can handle, but who don’t exactly want a monstrous, beast of a trailer tailing them all the time. Full disclosure – the trailer is designed by my brother, who also happens to run Bike Shop Hub, through which this site is published. Thanks for considering a pledge (and don’t forget the cool goodies that go along with a pledge)!

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2 Responses to “Last Day to Pledge on the Wandertec Tuba”

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  2. […] Wandertec Tuba is dead. Long live the […]

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