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Nat’s Kid-Powered Bike Train

by Ted Johnson

Celebrate the first days of autumn by going for a nice long bike ride with your children — all of them. Nat attached a child trailer to his daughter’s trailer-cycle which is attached to his own bike. The result: Bike Train! Not to be confused with our recently reported Aussie Road Train bike and trailer. Nat comments, “We love our bike train and have met many new friends because of the fun set-up.” I’d like to throw it out there, however, that a train’s not a real train without it’s loud warning whistle. Check out our new Biologic Blast Airhorn. Then you’ve got yourself a legit locomotive!

Bike, Trailer-Cycle, Child Trailer. In that order.

BOB Trailer x 2

One Response to “Nat’s Kid-Powered Bike Train”

  1. We so wish this guy lives in Tucson, we can’t find anyone for 10 plus mile rides around town!

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