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Charley’s Giant Xtracycle

According to Charley: This was an unfinished project using a Giant cruiser frame and Xtracycle. A little challenging to mount a stop and cable slot under the crank for front derailer, but otherwise routine. This bike is really Giant! Charley also added Xtracycle Freeloader Saddlebags and SnapDeck for extra cargo carrying capabilities.

Music on your Commute: Abstinence or Safe Sounds?

This is a review of speakers, but I feel like a Sex Ed teacher getting ready to talk to high school students about condoms. Here’s the deal: Maybe we shouldn’t cycle while listening to music. Maybe we would all be better citizens of the world if we could center ourselves in our zen place, clear […]

Winter Commuting in Alaska: Learning to Ride In the Wind — Real Wind

Editor’s Note: Ever since her first contribution, “Blizzards and Meth Labs and Bears. Oh my!,” Shanna Ladd has sent me a wealth of information on her experiences winter bike commuting 10 miles into Wasilla, Alaska. It’s way too good to publish in one long post, but I will give away the ending: To us wussies […]

Helmet Mirrors, Classic Television and Voyeurism

Unlike some of the smug writers around here (you know who you are), I’m a TV addict. Especially of old, black-and-white science fiction shows or spy shows. I am so addicted that whenever I look into my helmet mounted rear-view mirror, I immediately hear the creepy, double guitars of Etrange No. 3 and … (He, […]

Honk if you’re Horn-Envious

If the price were right, and installation was easy and unobtrusive, I’m still not sure I’d want a horn on my bike (or anyody’s bike) that sounds like a car horn. I’m wrestling with the idea (perhaps the same way I wrestled with e-bikes just a few years ago, and came out okay with them, […]

2012 Utility Cycling Year in Review

Happy New Year! Wow, I must admit, I am somewhat stunned that we are already one week into 2013. I wasn’t quite prepared for 2012 to be over yet. Anyhow, as has been the tradition here at Utility Cycling, I’m doing a “year in review” post, albeit a few days late. But as I looked […]

Bill’s “Carpool” & Cargo Bike Trailer Build

Is one of your New Years resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle, bike more, be more “green” or even spend more time tinkering around with your new tools in the garage? …or old tools that look new because you never use them…Bill accomplished all these in 2012: I built up a semi-custom trailer off of […]

Bag Buddy: The Right Wrong Way to Carry Grocery Bags

Confession: I used to carry grocery bags on my handlebars. Now when I see anyone doing this practice, I regard it with the same disdain as other reproachable behaviors such as public nose picking, talking in theaters, or having the same ringtone as I do. But for every unsanctioned behavior, there is a right and […]

Upstand: The (Almost) Vanishing Kickstand for Weight Weenies

There are basically two kinds of people who would use the Upstand : Weight weenie roadies who miss the usefulness of having a kickstand, but wouldn’t want to be seen with one mounted to their carbon-fiber status symbol. Mountain bike warriors who don’t want a kickstand that might deploy unexpectedly, or catch on a rock […]