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Mountain to Mountain on MoveShake

Mountain to Mountain on MoveShake

Jim’s Racktime Topit Praises

Another rave review from another amazing customer. Aren’t we lucky: I want to thank you for the rack (a Racktime Topit Front Rack), and let you know that this finally ends my search for a front rack to fit my bike and the lights I use. I asked for the dimensions, so that I would […]

How to start an argument: Say, ‘Roads Were Not Built For Cars’

How to win the argument: Read Roads Were Not Built For Cars Here’s a risk free Kickstarter project: Carlton Reid has raised and exceeded his £4,000 ($6073 US) goal for his forthcoming book. So, if you pledge now, it’s too late to say “I pledged before it was cool to pledge,” but you will be betting […]



BikeSpike: The Best Idea Yet for Recovering Stolen Bikes

A LoJack-style device for a bike. The best idea yet? I bet you agree, because I bet you thought of it yourself — just like I did. And just like me, you didn’t have the wherewithal to make it yourself. And like me, you Googled for it, and found some unsatisfying attempts to create such a […]

Mr. Rogers Rode a Bike

Fred Rogers of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood would have turned 85 today. Somehow I think I appreciate him more as an adult than I ever did as a kid. As a child, I thought his show was really boring. If I ever watched it, it was by process of elimination. And when Trolley went to The […]