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The Beginner’s Mind of Bike Commuting

I’ve completed two weeks of bike commuting in Tucson. Since this isn’t a permanent move for me, I’m deliberately cultivating a transitory (i.e. non-permanent) lifestyle here in Old Pueblo, as the locals call it. I’m couch surfing here — no real couches yet, but guest rooms and inflatable mattresses. My commute will change several times […]

Sean, Beth, Extrawheel & Utah

Sean & Beth recently took their new Extrawheel Voyager and hit the White Rim Trail in Utah. “Our new Extrawheel trailer performed flawlessly on the bumpy dirt!” What are your bike plans for the upcoming summer? 

“Stoopid Tall” Bike at CicLAvia

“Stoopid Tall” Bike at CicLAvia

Piano Bike

Piano Bike

Bike Shop Hub Moves to Tucson

Well, we did it. We packed up and loaded all of our inventory and equipment, and we moved Bike Shop Hub to Tucson, Arizona.It took us most of a week to pack up our inventory. We spun cocoons of plastic wrap around our shelves until we were dizzy from walking around in circles.On Saturday we […]

My First Two Tucson Commutes

Bike Shop Hub moved to Tucson, Arizona over the weekend. While my co-workers moved five big truckloads of inventory and office equipment, I was entrusted with delivering our rotted and weathered picnic table. Tucson Commute 1 I commuted by truck with this precious cargo more than 250 miles in our company’s gutless Mazda, and brought them […]

A Single-Speed, Single-Question Personality Test

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time on two single speed bikes, and the two couldn’t be more different. Loyal readers have seen these bikes before. One is the Critical Cycles bike that Pete Prebus reviewed here, but with an E-Bike Kit. The other is my grandfather’s Murray Montery, which has finally started to […]

Cyclovia Tucson Photo Essay

Tucson is lucky to be getting not one, but two great Cyclovia events this year! What is Cyclovia you say? Cyclovia is a car-free event, whereby city streets are closed to motorized traffic and opened up to all forms of non-motorized traffic for the day. It’s a great way to experience your community in new […]

Improvised Endo Training Wheels with a Ridekick Trailer

This is a tale of idiocy or brilliant resourcefulness. You decide. You may have read that I have one of those Ridekick trailers that push the bike. (See: “Ridekick: A Nicotine Patch for Car Addiction.”) This story ends with me doing something that I’m sure the Ridekick company doesn’t ever want you to do. So […]

Social Sharing of Rides? BikeSpike: Meet MyRidePool

I’m boring. I’m a closet introvert. I don’t go on group rides. For my commute, I stick to the same couple of routes. I commute alone, with my deep thoughts, like, Maybe only dumb people recount being abducted by aliens because aliens keep the smart ones. So I don’t really get why there are so […]