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Archive for August, 2013

Riding with Rail Tracks

Riding with Rail Tracks

Take the Kids to Paris!

I mean, why not?  And if you get homesick, we shipped over this Burley Kazoo just for you.  Happy sightseeing!  Love, BikeKidShop & Paris Blue Bike Tours  

My bike commute is better than yours

In my last post, I alluded to the fact that Im no longer working and bike commuting in Tucson although I still have plenty more to say about that. But now Im back in Flagstaff, Arizona with a new job, and a new bike commute. This new commute is only about 2.6 miles if I […]

Bike Lane Experiences

This shortie from Streetfilms came out in the spring, but I felt it was appropriate to post it now. I recently moved from one Bicycle Friendly City to another, and it has been interesting to compare my experiences bike commuting in the two cities. I came from Tucson, AZ, which is a gold level city […]

Rocking Bikes, Bongos, Blenders & Beats

Wandertec’s own Bongo wheels are being used on “Rock the Bikes” everywhere! Sounds like a lot of gobble-dee-guk, but it’s pretty sweet. And… blend while you rock with the Xtracycle Fender Blender!! (We won’t judge whether it’s for protein shakes or margaritas. As long as you’re biking. And rocking.)  

Breeze vs. Bloomers: Review of the Bikie Girl BGB Trio

In the 12 months that Ive lived in piping hot Phoenix, the best rule of thumb Ive learned for beating the very high summer time heat is to wear dresses and skirts. Nothing combats temperatures over 100 like the flutter of a skirt and a breeze running its fingers across my legs when Im pedaling […]