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Treehouse Elevator by Bike

by Melanie Colavito

Well here’s a new one for the archives of Utility Cycling – a bicycle powered treehouse elevator. There are so many things about this that are just right. For one, the treehouse. Who wouldn’t want to live in, or at least sleep in, a treehouse? Two, the bicycle-powered lift system. Because climbing an elevator “six and a half million times a day” isn’t so awesome, but pedaling a up a tree is. Also, did I mention there’s a treehouse? Anyhow, the video below shows Ethan Schlussler’s amazing treehouse bicycle lift system, which he rigged up as a means to get up to the treehouse that he intends to live or “at least sleep” in. What a cool way to use your bike, Ethan!Via MAKE.

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One Response to “Treehouse Elevator by Bike”

  1. JohnnyK says:

    Oh this is neat! What would be nice though is if you could disconnect the bike and ride it so the bike would also be your transportation as well. Maybe instead of wires build a platform with rollers that will do the winding for the wires. That way you could bring friends with you to your treehouse and they could bring their bikes also. Sorry I’m having childhood flashbacks of my TreeFort.

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