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The JOYBAG is Dead, Long Live the JOYBAG!

by Josh Lipton

In my ongoing search for the perfectly usable bicycle, I made some very interesting strides using an Xtracycle Edgerunner as my platform. Most notable among my advancements in the JOYBAG philosophy was my lock configuration.

But the day has come where I need to move onto another bicycle. As a bike shop owner, I find that it is best to not grow too in love with a single bicycle. I have to play the field and love all the bicycles.


While the Xtracycle offers a solid platform for doing many car-like things with a bike, I need to get back to exploring how to do this on a more typical setup. Or in other words its time for me to apply the JOYBAG principle to a new everyday bike.

For now, I am auctioning of the Xtracycle Edgerunner on Ebay. This is the fully decked out, customized Edgerunner that I’ve been reviewing here.

A quick rundown of the upgrade features:

This bike is in excellent condition with around 3 to 4 thousand miles commuting around Tucson.


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4 Responses to “The JOYBAG is Dead, Long Live the JOYBAG!”

  1. Ted Johnson says:

    Do you ship to Madagascar?

  2. Josh Lipton says:

    I’m guessing shipping may end up costing more than the bike itself as it’ll have to ship freight. How about commissioning a rebar cargo bike?

  3. Sylvia Romm says:

    Want to trade for a Triobike Mono? 🙂

  4. Ted Johnson says:

    Are you talking about a trade? A Malagasy rebar cargo bike in exchange for your Edgerunner?


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