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Don’t mess with a Gator: The Continental Gatorskin Tire Review.

by Matt Duffin

Back in 2009, I found myself stuck on the side of a very busy road with a flat tire and as I counted the cars that drove by it hit me. I needed a better commuting tire and not just something that could be reinforce with gel or goop inside the tire. I needed something tough, durable and cost effective and that’s when I laid eyes on the Continental Gatorskin.

Once I had the Gatorskins mounted, they immediately felt great. Sturdy, tough and smooth. If truth be told, it would be 1,815 miles before I’d have another flat and considering the goatheads and brutally hot 120+ road temps in our AZ summer, these tires were a steal and I’ve never trusted another tire since.

[Video Transcription]

Look, there she is! You gotta be really quiet, you don’t wanna spook her or anything. I’m Matt with and this is the Continental Gatorskin Review.

Look at her! Shes a real beauty here! I’m just going to get up really close, real quick as you don’t see too many of these out in the wild. Not a lot of cyclist or commuters know about the Continental GatorSkin Commuting tire. Continental is probably one of of the best tire manufactures in the world, they produce tires for lots of different brands, for auto, to, ya know, cycling, to really everything. It’s fantastic. But the true beauty is right here in front of me. If you notice here (and ill be really gentle) is these gatorskin tires, every gatorskin is handcrafted over in Germany and it’s really, Look at this tread! See how beautiful it is! its a high mileage tread, so you’re guaranteed to get a lot of miles out of these Continental Bicycle Tires.

The Gatorskin also uses a DuraCarbon which helps keep this tires ready to go and a 3 and 180 TPI, that threads per inch, so your getting a really good quality tire for the money. I mean look at her, she just beautiful. Thew tread is so good with that steel bead right there that makes sure it doesn’t ever come off your tire. What makes this tire so great and fantastic is the Duraskin and it’s right here, it’s so thick right there and that allows you to put more miles on there. you don’t have to worry about goat heads or anything because these babies keep you nice and safe while your bike with a lot less flats. Thats enough for now, im going to back away and let this gatorskin back into the wild.

I’m Matt with bikeshophub and this has been the Continental GatorSkin Tire review.

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5 Responses to “Don’t mess with a Gator: The Continental Gatorskin Tire Review.”

  1. BluesCat says:

    Psst! Hey! Matt! You forgot to say “Crikey!”

  2. Wayne Myer says:

    I used to swear by the Gatorskins and had them on all of my bicycles. And then I had some notable failures, always in the sidewall, with the bead separating dramatically from the sidewall, often in less than 1000 miles. Also, the flat resistance just wasn’t there and the wet traction is crap. In my experience.

    Also, hey Blues! Still riding that Batavus?

  3. BluesCat says:

    Sad to say, Wayne, the Batavus was stolen out of my back yard last year.

    Whenever I’m riding or driving around town, and I see a white bike, I make sure to check it out.

  4. Griffen says:

    Gatorskins are perfect for the cyclist who constantly get flats from daily cycling in a urban environment. They come with puncture resistant technology to help reduce the number of annoying flats. However, it’s important to mention that the sidewalls are made from a polyamide fabric branded as “Duraskin”, which has a tendency to deteriorate rather quickly.

  5. Velo Joe says:

    I also use to swear by Gatorskins but, over the last 2 seasons I’ve had nothing but trouble with the side walls. I have gone through two set of Gatorskins in 2 seasons of commuting. Now on on Vittoria Rubino with liners. Fraction of the price and no sidewall issues.

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