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The Adventure Begins…Updates to our Blog

No Comments Topics: Shop Updates Written by Josh Lipton
Our New Sign

As of a few days ago, we completed the first step of a rebranding project for with some updates here. Step 1 involved the following: Transition into Transition into Put up a several aesthetic changes including a new header images. Archive our Forums Organize our content into 5 categories: Commute By Bike Bike Touring Family Cycling Utility Cycling Shop Updates This last aspect is the most important to you our readers. With this update we are beginning our adventure of expanding our blogging activities beyond bike commuting and utility cycling into bike touring and family cycling. While it is clear that our blog's template and design are out of date, this is the next change that is on the agenda. We will be working on updating to a ...


The Habit-Forming Neoprene Hug of Owl Band

No Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Ted Johnson
Did you see it?Photo:Ted Johnson

This is like one of those "When You See It" pictures that your friends send you on Facebook. I took this photo while commuting by bus in Madagascar. Do you notice anything odd? Owl Band Reflective Ankle Bands sell for $11.95 for a pair. If you are into the reflective thing, the same company makes an ultra-reflective yellow Leg Shield that'll cover half your leg. (I reviewed the ninja version of the Leg Shield awhile back.) Ted Johnson is lives and works in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Follow his hardly-ever-about-bikes blogging at Half-Hearted Fanatic, and tweeting at @TedJohnsonIII.


KP FaceOff Messenger Bag Review

3 Comments Topics: Commute By Bike, Utility Cycling Written by Dara Marks Marino
KP FaceOff Messenger Bag Review

Over the last 22 years that Ive been bicycle commuting regularly, I have often tried to be a messenger-bag-kinda-gal, but it never seemed to work out. The bags felt too floppy, or too small, or too big, and always too heavy on my shoulder. They often swung around while I was riding, and I can think of few things more un-hipster like than having to constantly fling your bag out of your lap and into its proper place on your back. I've looked at others with a mixture of envy (she looks so much cooler than I do with my nerdy backpack!) and curiosity (is one of her shoulders naturally higher than the other? Does her neck get stiff?) as I ...


Interview By Bike: My Ride in Omaha

No Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Stacey Moses
Interview By Bike: My Ride in Omaha

If you're a devout follower of the Commute By Bike blog, you know that I typically write about exciting advocacy issues and helpful or controversial new products. Once in awhile, I engage in some hard-hitting investigative journalism. Today, however, I am inspired to write about a more personal experience with cycling - one that reminded me why I've been drawn to this crazy industry for the past decade. Last month, I flew out to Omaha, Nebraska to spend some time getting to know the team at Harvest Retail Marketing, a marketing agency that serves independent bicycle retailers across the country. I've worked with Harvest for several years, both as a client and as a contractor. Many of the faces and voices ...


Which Direction Are Bicycles Trending?

6 Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Josh Lipton
Which Direction Are Bicycles Trending?

When I launched in 2006, I had great timing. While the economy was about to head off a cliff, I somehow got myself into a nice little area of opportunity that was very likely buoyed by the residual impacts of our collective economic shit-storm. It was very exciting how excited everyone was about using bicycles for more than just fun. It felt as if we were on to something fresh and new, discovering that people in North America were interested in bicycles as something other than toys and racing machines. But alas, that excitement has begun to fade some it would seem. And if I'm wrong about this, somebody please tell me. So what now? Oh yeah, bikepacking is what now. Seriously, ...


Bikeless in Madagascar

3 Comments Topics: Commute By Bike Written by Ted Johnson
Who wants to talk me out of this?
Photo: Ted Johnson

For the first time in more than 20 years I do not have a bicycle. Here's what happened: The bike that I have been using since I arrived in Madagascar belonged to the Government of the United States of America (USA). A few days ago, I wrapped up my contractual obligations to that particular organization, and I had to give them back the bike. I visited my storage unit when I was in Flagstaff and pulled out my Lazer helmet and some Velo Orange trekking bars that I've never used. I fully intend to put these bars on my commuter. Does anyone have a problem with that? Yes. Of course. Here on Commute by Bike, I intend to document the resurrection of whatever ...