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KHS Urban X Preview

by Moe

KHS Urban X
I went to take the KHS Latte back to KHS, then in return, the great people at KHS lent us a nice Urban X.

KHS Urban X

If you think that this bike looks a lot like the Kona Smoke, I’d say you are correct.

KHS Urban X
KHS Urban X

I’ll be giving the Smoke a rest while I ride the Urban X to work. (Hopefully RL’s forecast is incorrect and I’ll get to ride it tomorrow). Stay tuned for my first impression!

Special thanks to Vince Calvillo for giving me a brief description of the bike and for giving us the chance to try the Urban X.

BOB Trailer x 2

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  1. j j says:

    I like it… I can’t wait to read your test.

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