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Author Archive Trailer Sale

A sponsor of the site, & has a trailer sale ending today.  A bit late, but with our topic this week of bicycle trailers it really fits in well.

Styles of Bicycle Cargo Trailers : Introduction

Since we’ve had the Burley Travoy in for review I’ve received several emails about styles and recommendations for different applications.  This week I’ll do my best to present different styles of trailers and the pros or cons of all.

Cateye TL-LD570 Reflex Auto Light : Preview

A new light was recently released, the Reflex Auto TL-LD570, from Cateye. What is so unique about the light? It turns itself on and off utilizing optic and motion sensors.  If this system really works, I’ll save myself a handful of batteries per year by leaving my light on at night when I leave the […]

Tri Modal Bicycle Commute

Recently, as of three weeks ago, I took a new position back in the marketing arena. You can read more about this over at Bike Shop Girl but the most important thing for you all to know is changes are being made across all the sites that will benefit you, the reader, the most. Hence […]

Faction Cycling : Works “Share the Road” Jersey Review

The fine folks at Faction Cycling sent out one of their Works “Share the Road” jerseys to us for review.  I’ve been riding around with this jersey for the past 8 weeks, testing, crashing and repeating.  Now it is time to tell all my thoughts and feelings. Construction of the Jersey This jersey is made […]

Open Forum : How Do You Deal with the Summer Heat?

As daily tempertures are in the 10.º range in Charlotte, NC I want to ask you : How Do You Deal with the Summer Heat?

New Wheels : Velocity Halo Dyad and Shimano Alfine

A set of wheels are in for review and in the midst of getting installed on the famous Salsa Casseroll..  Utilizing a Shimano Alfine groupset I have been piecing together in the past 6 months, and the new Velocity Dyad Halo reflective rims. Due to needing to rebuild the bike completely to use these wheels, […]

Which Electric Bike is Right for You?

Today’s E-Bike Wednesday Guest Article is brought to you by Dan Woodard. Dan designs and builds custom electric bikes. He quit his high-tech engineering job to follow his passion in electric bikes. Follow his blog where he shares his experiences. If you have considered buying an electric bike, there are many configurations and options […]

Light & Motion Vis Commuter Line

Introducing the new Light & Motion Vis 36.º & 18.º commuter specific lights…  The 36.º is a helmet system that runs a head and tail lights off your helmet, touting a 36.º coverage..  While the 18.º light is a tail light that runs off a rechargeable system. Vis-36.º MSRP : $169 Lumens : 110 headlamp […]

Yuba Bicycles

A new sponsor for Commute By Bike is Yuba. Yuba makes great looking cargo bikes, that are not only well thought out but great accessories. Below is a rundown of the model line and key accessories, we hope to interview podcast with the guys from Yuba in the coming weeks for your listening pleasure. Yuba […]