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Interview By Bike: My Ride in Omaha

If you’re a devout follower of the Commute By Bike blog, you know that I typically write about exciting advocacy issues and helpful or controversial new products. Once in awhile, I engage in some hard-hitting investigative journalism. Today, however, I am inspired to write about a more personal experience with cycling – one that reminded […]

New Science: Bicycle Commuting May Be Addictive

Bicycle commuters have a high affective appraisal of their commute mode, and rate the habit strength of their commute significantly higher than drivers or bus riders. This research, compiled by psychologists Gregory Owen Thomas and Ian Walker in the UK and reported by CityLab’s Eric Jaffe, adds a nice punch of science to what many […]

Progress: Police Remind Drivers Not to Park in Bike Lanes

For several years, I have been reading about cyclists’ frustrations with people parking in bike lanes. Very often, the focus of these posts is the lack of attention and action offered by local enforcement agencies. Last Friday, I published my own ruminations on the topic. On the same day, a lawyer in Arlington, Virginia published […]

Yes, People Still Park in Bike Lanes

Bike lanes have about a dozen different names and an approximately equal number of design variations. However, the intended purpose of bike lanes is the same on all streets, in all cities: to provide cyclists with a car-free lane for safer, more efficient riding. When used appropriately, bike lanes make our streets safer for motorists, […]

DRIVE Act Motors Through the Senate

If you bet against the Senate to pass the DRIVE Act before the federal transportation program ran out of funding on July 31st, it’s time to get your wallet out. Right at the deadline, and right before breaking for its annual August recess, the Senate approved the comprehensive transportation bill that includes at least three […]

#Trending in 2015: The Mobile Bike Shop

Mobile bike shops are an important industry trend to watch in 2015, reported Fred Clements, the executive director of the National Bicycle Dealers Association, on Bicycle Retailer and Industry News earlier this year. Humbly, I admit that Commute By Bike predicted this trend many moons ago, when I first wrote about CycloMend in 2013 and […]