Family Cycling

No Shower, No Problem

Think back to when you were a kid. Did you enjoy getting stuck in a car more than the riding your bike through the neighborhood? Then why do we default to cars as adults? Maybe we shouldn’t and a lot of us are taking that to heart and commuting by bike to work. There are […]

Biking to School: One pedal stroke at a time!

Fall is here! School has begun!!! The weather is cooling off and the mosquitoes are beginning to die off…and finally we can go outside again anytime of the day! But many of us are busier than ever too. Busy with chores, work, life and ready for the election to be over for some sanity. Some […]

Physical Literacy and Children: Making your kids smarter and happier!

As school begins and we all are thinking about the skills our kids need as the approach adulthood I wanted to take time out of the ‘biking only’ blog. For this blog, I wanted to focus on one aspect of helping your children’s brain development and future that we don’t always focus on. This skill […]

Oh God, I have a flat! And I have a trailer and some angry children staring at me….

I started out with the mindset to write solely about Burley D’Lite trailer maintenance. I kept however returning to the idea that the day to day maintenance of all trailers AND bikes are some common concerns. The basic care, tools and checklist is really what is so important and not enough people discuss this other […]

Have Bike AND Kids- want to travel!

So, my husband and I want to travel for our last summer hurrah! You know, in Tucson, before school starts it is HOT! We have one last chance to experience the beach and cooler weather possibly before the kids head off and life, well, gets even crazier all over again! And you definitely know you […]

Hot Fun Biking in the Summertime!

Oh my, oh my, oh my- it is a hot one out there! This is what we mostly have been hearing this summer from meteorologists across the country. Hotter than normal for the most part. Whether it is that ‘dry heat’ we have here in Tucson, AZ or the thick humidity and heat of the […]

Learn to ride a bike: The Strider Balance Bike Review!

When you have kids, you want to pass down to them the things you love and the love of outdoors and bicycles is an easy one. Sometimes learning and teaching your kids to ride a bike can be stressful but balance bikes take away the guess work and tears. Strider makes riding a bike easy, […]

Thanks for biking when biking wasn’t cool DAD!!! Happy Father’s Day!

With father’s day here, I wanted to write a quick thank you to my Dad and all those dad’s out there sharing their love of biking and the outdoors with their children. My Dad was not the usual kinda guy other kids had for a dad. He was a little quirky in his own way. […]

Traveling with Kids: Trailer, seat, or cargo bike?

So, you have a new addition to the family. Small, cute and precious. You have been taking care of this bundle 24hrs a day and going crazy with an urge to ride- with them. Now what? Where do you go? What do you do? What do you choose? They are so small, moody and well, […]

Weeehooooo: Check out the New Products by Weehoo.

WEEEEEEHOOOOOOOOOO! We went to Vegas Interbike Bicycle show and boy was it amazing! If you’ve never been it’s a giant collection of bicycle manufacturers or a GIANT TOY STORE OF BICYCLES GOODIES (and Beer). Interbike is a great way for companies to preview new products to businesses and consumers. One of our favorite companies is […]