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Bicycle Map of the University of Arizona Campus

Those of you that have been reading Utility Cycling for a while have probably picked up on the fact that in addition to writing about all things utility cycling, I am also a student. In fact, I’m close to wrapping up my last semester of full coursework as a PhD student in the School of […]

Analysis of Google’s Bike-There Feature: Part III

Over the past few months, I have been slowly putting together a series on the new Google Bike-There Feature, which was released in March of 2010. Part I of the series reviewed the overall application, how it works, and some of its advantages and disadvantages. Part II discussed various online options for mapping bike routes […]

Analysis of Google’s Bike-There Feature: Part II

In April, I wrote the first part of an analysis of Google’s new Bike-There feature on Google Maps. Google announced their game-changing new feature in early March of 2010. When I first reviewed Google’s Bike-There feature, I had some criticisms of the underlying factors and variables that Google used to build the algorithm, which is […]

Analysis of Google’s Bike-There Feature: Part I

It’s been nearly a month since Google made their game-changing announcement about the addition of a “Bike There” option to Google Maps. Since that time, there have been numerous reviews and assessments about the utility of the new application – some positive, but also many that point out the limitations of Google’s new tool. Many […]

Are Google Maps’ Bicycling Directions a Game Changer?

Last night Google made a “game changing” announcement at the national bike summit in Washington DC. The long awaited “Bike There” option has been added to their options for route types. The dropdown next to Google Maps “Get Directions” button now has “Bicycling” as the fourth option following “By car”, “By public transit” and”Walking”. We […]

Google & Bicycling

The bicycle blogosphere has been abuzz the last few weeks with news from Google. Two major announcements have been made by the company that pertain to bicycling in the United States. The first announcement – made on Google’s Lat Long blog – is a major step forward for cycling enthusiasts. The announcement was cleverly hidden […]