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Michael Maedoc on Trek 7.3FX
I recently picked a 2010 model at the Trek store near me. Its exactly what I was looking for with a 29 mi round trip commute. I wanted a good commuter bike, with hybrid style handlebars for local trips and city riding but with speed similar to a …

jasinnott on Dahon Speed P8
Looks like a very nice folder. The chromoly frame should ride comfortably, and the other components are very good for the

freemovietag on Giant Seek 1
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Ghost Rider on ALEX DELETEME

Ghost Rider on ALEX DELETEME

vero216 on Renovo Hardwood Bicycles Pandurban
Great site, great contributors. I’m trying to sell my Laser sailboat so I can buy a Renovo frame. They ride very well–nicely damped and torsionally stiff. The appearance is through the roof. I’ve got to have one. I’ve restored several old …

smithclare on Surly Big Dummy
It's heavy but the weight isn't too noticeable until large hills appear. I comfortably cruise at 25km/h and did a 80km ride on it at an average speed of 22km/h (carrying maybe 25 pounds of gear). So no rocket ship but reasonable. There is a bit of …

smithclare on Giant Seek 1
Sometimes bikes are very helpful in commuting from one place to another.I think its quite an awesome to pass on card printing

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