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We took the look, style and simplicity of our track bike, Sanchez, and created the Del Norte. The main difference is that we designed the frame and fork dimensions for more versatile riding. Unlike the Sanchez, which is designed around narrow track bike dimensions and track hubs, Del Norte can accommodate a wider range of tires and traditional full fenders with stays. Wider tires means wider range of riding options. Skinny tires means a skinny range of riding options. We'll stop there.

Custom Swobo spec includes powder-coated red hubs, rims and chain; chromed steel drop bars and Swobo saddle with bottle opener. Dual-function pedals can be ridden with street shoes, or bike shoes with SPD cleats... if you think you have 90's.

The rear wheel is set up with a single-speed freewheel, or the hub can be flipped and ridden as a fixed gear. Which in laymen's terms means that you can have that track bike look and...well look...with the option of having the rear wheel spin freely. Tight pants and empty messenger bag pulled high and tight onto your upper back works with either hub configuration. Extra-long reach front and rear brakes accommodate fenders. Rear rack and fenders mount to our custom forged dropouts with threaded eyelets.

We make Del Norte in 5 sizes, to fit most people. When our optional Planet Bike fenders are ordered along with the bike you save $9.99. That's one copper thingy shy of $10.00...that's marketing. Feel the temptation. It's only human.
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50cm 480 506 520 425 43 73 75.5 989 29"

53cm 510 520 535 425 43 73 75 1000 30"

55cm 540 539 555 425 43 73 74 1009 31"

57cm 570 562 575 425 43 73 74 1029 32"

60cm 600 579 590 425 43 73 74 1045 33"

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