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Trek Portland



  • The speed and handling of a road bike, the toughness of a city-wise street rider. Comfortable too.
  • Designed for all-weather performance.
  • The definitive urban commuting bike.
  • Natural, head-up riding position maximizes comfort.
  • Seven frame sizes for a precision fit.
  • Long-lasting, lightweight and responsive Trek Alpha Black Aluminum.
  • Lightweight Bontrager carbon fiber fork absorbs vibrations.
  • Shimano 105 high-performance 10-speed drivetrain.
  • Aerodynamic, paired-spoke Bontrager Select wheelset.

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Frame Size Head Angle Seat Angle EFF Top Tube Chain Stay Bottom Bracket Offset Wheel Base

XS 50 cm 71.0° 74.5° 52.5 cm20.7 in 43.0 cm16.9 in 27.9 cm11.0 in 4.5 cm1.8 in 100.8 cm39.7 in
S 52 cm 71.0° 74.0° 53.5 cm21.0 in 43.0 cm16.9 in 27.9 cm11.0 in 4.5 cm1.8 in 101.3 cm39.9 in
S 54 cm 71.5° 73.5° 55.0 cm21.6 in 43.0 cm16.9 in 27.9 cm11.0 in 4.5 cm1.8 in 101.9 cm40.1 in
M 56 cm 72.0° 73.0° 56.5 cm22.2 in 43.0 cm16.9 in 27.9 cm11.0 in 4.5 cm1.8 in 102.4 cm40.3 in
M 58 cm 72.5° 73.0° 57.5 cm22.6 in 43.0 cm16.9 in 27.9 cm11.0 in 4.5 cm1.8 in 103.0 cm40.6 in
L 60 cm 72.5° 72.5° 58.5 cm23.0 in 43.0 cm16.9 in 27.9 cm11.0 in 4.5 cm1.8 in 103.4 cm40.7 in
XL 63 cm 72.5° 72.0° 59.5 cm23.4 in 43.0 cm16.9 in 27.9 cm11.0 in 4.5 cm1.8 in 103.8 cm40.9 in

Frame Size Trail Stand Over Seat Tube Head Tube
XS 50 cm 7.3 cm2.9 in 74.1 cm29.2 in 50.0 cm19.7 in 10.3 cm4.1 in
S 52 cm 7.3 cm2.9 in 75.6 cm29.8 in 52.0 cm20.5 in 11.3 cm4.5 in
S 54 cm 7.0 cm2.8 in 77.3 cm30.4 in 54.0 cm21.3 in 12.8 cm5.1 in
M 56 cm 6.7 cm2.6 in 78.8 cm31.0 in 56.0 cm22.0 in 13.8 cm5.5 in
M 58 cm 6.3 cm2.5 in 80.8 cm31.8 in 58.0 cm22.8 in 15.3 cm6.0 in
L 60 cm 6.3 cm2.5 in 82.6 cm32.5 in 60.0 cm23.6 in 17.4 cm6.8 in
XL 63 cm 6.3 cm2.5 in 85.0 cm33.5 in 63.0 cm24.8 in 19.4 cm

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Alpha Black Aluminum
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Shifters Shimano 105 STI, 10 speed
Front Derailleur Shimano Ultegra
Rear Derailleur Shimano 105
Crank Shimano 105 50/39/30
Cassette Shimano 105 12-27, 10 speed
Pedals Shimano 520, clipless

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Bontrager Satellite Elite, carbon
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Wheels Bontrager Select Road Disc
Tires Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase, 700x28c; 60 tpi
Saddle Bontrager Select City
Seat Post Bontrager Select (50cm: Bontrager Race)
Handlebars Bontrager Select VR, 31.8mm
Stem Bontrager Race, 7 degree, 31.8mm
Headset Aheadset Slimstak w/cartridge bearings, sealed, alloy
Brakeset Avid BB-7 Road, mechanical disc w/Shimano 105 STI levers

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March 25, 2008
One has to question the use of these low spoke-count wheels on what would otherwise make a great turn key commuter. I've ridden this bike and thought it was mostly very nice, the choice of wheels though would be enough to have me looking elsewhere. Priced reasonably, considering the parts choice, however a little more than I would pay for a commuter.

April 30, 2008
A beautiful bike, but perhaps a bit out of my price range. Curious if anyone has any experience with this size/orientation of fender. I'm typically a 'dry weather' commuter, but and starting to gear-up for wetter weather. Seems like the fenders are a bit of an afterthought compared to some other commuter bikes...

May 1, 2008
I have 3000 miles on my Portland. It has been a great bike so far. In the summers I regularly ride a 11 mile gravel road home with a load in the panniers. After all that, I just recently had to have the wheels trued. So far this has been the only issue. Due to sealed bearings, there is not a lot to service on this bike. Enjoy

May 15, 2008
I bought my Portland last year. I live in the Seattle area and I really wanted the disk brakes. I have them on my other bike and I llke how well they work in wet weather. I am surprised you don't find them on more bikes. I find that hardcore bikers are nutty about weight. I ride to work for exercise so a few ounces are not a big deal for me. I can load this bike up for my commute with a rack and a large trunk, or strip it down. It is a good all around bike.

November 5, 2008
I now have 4100 miles on my Portland now. See earlier post. Wheels have definitely been the only weak point on this bike. In the last two months, I have sunk $70 into truing wheels and they are already out of true again. I looked yesterday and noticed stress fractures by most of the spoke holes on the back rim. The front rim is also showing signs of stress. So today, I looked into a new rear and this is pretty hard to do. The hub on the bike is a 24 spoke, disk specific and 130 mm. Very few companies make an alternate 32 or 36 hole hub. So I either have to replace with the same thing, rebuild with some other 24 hole rim or modify a 135. Given my weight, 210, I opted to build up a 32 hole rime with a 135 mm mountain hub. It cost me $30 more than the Bontrager replacement, but should be a much stronger rim that lasts longer than 4000 mi. Just be aware, that the wheels on this bike are somewhat proprietary and under sized for a touring/commuter bike. Same would go for the other urban bikes Trek uses these rims on.

November 18, 2008
Spencer, As a Trek dealer (in canada) did you try to warranty the wheels before sinking the money into them? From my experience Bontrager wheels have a fantastic warranty that generally cover such occurences. Just a thought ...

November 21, 2008
More followup, I went to my local Trek dealer and they warrentied the rear rim. Unfortunaley they could not get an direct replacements. I got the list price in credit, but this was still $30 short of the replacement cost. Modifing the 135 hub was a real chore for the mechanic, but there was little alternative in the size range. I had a flat this morning on the front and noticed 2 small cracks by the eyelets. Looks like it is time to get another rim built. 4300 mi. Cheers

November 27, 2008
Spencer1, I have to say I am surprised at just a rim warranty. I don`t believe our shop is ''special'' in terms of the warranty we give but in 99.9% of cases w/ cracking rims on Bontrager wheels ... we get a new wheelset. Pre-built ... the whole 9 yards. Again, not knowing the whole situation I cannot comment more upon this but to give an example. Customer has a Trek 1500 from 4 years ago. Eyelets began cracking and wheel (rear, select) became unsafe. Replaced with a set of Bontrager Race Wheels. Tim.

November 27, 2008
http://bontrager.com/support/warranty/en I know this has a lot of convoluted mumbo jumbo legalise stuff but ... 5 year warranty. My personal opinion is that you shouldn`t be paying a dollar. period. And truthfully the shop would most likely be taking up its time and not making a dollar either. Hence, replacement of the whole wheel seems a bit more logical?! Anyways. Sorry to blather but, my 2 cents. tim.

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