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Trek Lime



  • Get on and go! Simple, comfortable and fun.
  • Shifts automatically – just pedal and Lime puts you in the right gear.
  • Rediscover the simple pleasure of riding a bike again.
  • Natural, head-up riding position maximizes comfort.
  • Two frame styles: traditional and women’s step-through.
  • Three-speed, advanced Shimano Coasting drivetrain automatically selects the right gear for you – all you have to do is pedal.
  • Coaster brakes let you stop with ease – just push back on the pedals.
  • Puncture-resistant tires last and last.
  • Seat pops up and reveals a handy storage compartment.

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Frame Size Head Angle Seat Angle EFF Top Tube Chain Stay Bottom Bracket Offset Wheel Base

S 14.5 in 69.0° 68.0° 55.5 cm21.8 in 43.5 cm17.1 in 28.2 cm11.1 in 5.0 cm2.0 in 100.9 cm39.7 in
M 18 in 69.0° 68.0° 57.8 cm22.8 in 43.5 cm17.1 in 28.2 cm11.1 in 5.0 cm2.0 in 103.2 cm40.6 in
L 21.5 in 69.0° 68.0° 60.5 cm23.8 in 43.5 cm17.1 in 28.2 cm11.1 in 5.0 cm2.0 in 105.8 cm41.6 in
WS 13.5 in 69.0° 68.0° 55.6 cm21.9 in 43.5 cm17.1 in 28.2 cm11.1 in 5.0 cm2.0 in 101.0 cm39.8 in
WM 16.5 in 69.0° 68.0° 57.8 cm22.8 in 43.5 cm17.1 in 28.2 cm11.1 in 5.0 cm2.0 in 103.2 cm40.6 in

Frame Size Trail Stand Over
S 14.5 in 7.4 cm2.9 in 67.2 cm26.4 in
M 18 in 7.4 cm2.9 in 71.8 cm28.3 in
L 21.5 in 7.4 cm2.9 in 77.0 cm30.3 in
WS 13.5 in 7.4 cm2.9 in 49.4 cm19.4 in
WM 16.5 in 7.4 cm2.9 in 49.4 cm

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Alpha White Aluminum
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Shifters Shimano Coasting automatic
Front Derailleur n/a
Rear Derailleur n/a
Crank Bontrager Satellite 33T
Cassette Shimano 20T
Pedals Nylon platform

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High tensile steel w/internal wiring
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Wheels Shimano Coasting dynamo front hub, 3-speed rear hub; alloy rims
Tires Bontrager Cruiser, 26x1.90"
Saddle Bontrager Suburbia
Seat Post Steel
Handlebars High tensile steel, 45 degree backsweep
Stem Alloy
Headset Threaded, semi-integrated
Brakeset Coaster
Extras Kickstand, chainguard, hub covers, top tube pad

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April 30, 2008
Nice bike...would like to have one of these for puttering around.

john t
October 23, 2008
I have been commuting on a Lime Lite for 4 months now. I changed several things to make the bike suitable. First, I added a Performance rear rack, SKS fenders, and Planet Bike front and rear lights. I switched the inner tubes for Thorn Resistant ones. This is very important. You wouldn't want to get a flat tire riding to work on this bike, because it is time consuming to take the rear wheel off. Last, I changed the rear sprocket from a 20 tooth to a 15 tooth. This gave me the perfect gearing. I love the automatic shifting. I always forgot to shift down when I stopped, but this bike never forgets to shift. The way this bike is equipped, I could ride it forever.

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