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Take it and make it your own. We envisioned it as a whole, but if you want to chop it, or shave it, or slam it, or French it, or Brazilian it, go ahead.

We've replicated the exact look of our previous galvanized finish, but with paint. Quite possibly one of the tightest rides out there. Quite likely one of the cleanest chassis upon which to stamp your own mojo.

Rear hub can be flipped, if you want to run a single-speed freewheel. Frame and fork accept brakes, if you so choose.

Swobo saddle, machined alloy handlebar end caps and dual-density grips are custom, as well as the white rims, white handlebars, and white chain. Custom forged rear-entry dropouts with threaded adjuster screw, for proper wheel alignment.

We designed the 7 frame sizes with a proportional slope to the top tube. The smallest size, 46cm, has more slope than the largest size, 62cm, which is virtually flat.
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