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Trek 7.3FX



Designed as a fitness-oriented hybrid, the 7.3FX makes for a fast and versatile commuter.

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Shimano EF50 levers, Deore rear derailleur

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Rigid aluminum

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March 24, 2008
I like this bike, it is quick and light but, i dont like the triangular shape of the top tube as it makes it uncomfertable to through on my sholder when climbing the steps to my apt.

July 15, 2008
i just bought the bike, last Saturday. 134 miles later I'm really enjoying it. i have had to replace the back tube with a 'slime' unit. i'm trying to commute to work at least 3x's a week, 35 miles round trip. I've done it twice so far an putting in miles to get in better shape. i will be modifying to lighten as i feel its a little heavy. will update with modifications. if anyone has any advice please input, I really don't want to change the tire size 700x32cc due to the terrain i have to face.

July 16, 2008
I have a 2007 7.3 FX that I just had my LBS attach an Xtracycle Free Radical to. I loved my bike before and love it even more now. I wanted to buy a Surly BD but could not swing the cost at this time. The 7.3 is handling very well with a load. I use it as my main source of transportation. My 4 year old daughter likes to ride on the Snapdeck. This is a great bike to commute on and is a blast to ride!

Michael Maedoc
March 26, 2011
I recently picked a 2010 model at the Trek store near me. Its exactly what I was looking for with a 29 mi round trip commute. I wanted a good commuter bike, with hybrid style handlebars for local trips and city riding but with speed similar to a road bike. Its a fun ride out on the country road and for relaxed city biking.

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